Alex & Ani

I was lucky enough to receive Alex and Ani bracelets from my BFF as a birthday gift while I was in San Francisco. True to form, my BFF of course knows I’m obsessed with jewellery, especially unique jewellery that has meaning behind it.

Alex and Ani is an American brand, and their ethos is living sustainably. They purposefully have stores in high streets across the US to stimulate growth away from the mega malls and also make special edition charity bracelets as a way of fundraising for charities. The jewellery is supposed to be ‘infused with positive energy’. Well I’ve got to say, there was certainly a lot of positive energy when I received this wonderful gift.

The bracelets I received were charm bracelets with a modern twist. My BFF carefully chose bracelets to symbolise my travels this year.  I love them. Check them out below…

Alex and Ani charm bracelets

Alex and Ani charm bracelets


Ms Scandinasia xxx

PS: These are my own views, I only write about accessories that I love. I am not paid to give reviews.


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